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BBQ Joint to Host White Appreciation Day

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By Ron Simms Jr., Digital Communications Specialist

Rubbin Buttz, a Colorado based barbeque restaurant, will offer a 10 percent discount to white people in an effort to combat racism.

The event is being dubbed White Appreciation Day, because Black people have Black History Month and Latinos have Hispanic Heritage Month. 

“We figured all we could do — the least we could do — is offer one day to appreciate white Americans,” said one of the restaurant’s owners, Edgar Antillon…who is Hispanic.

Local civil rights activist Ricardo Romero called the discount “a perpetuation of racism.”

Rubbin’ Buttz states on their Facebook page:

“Although we’ve had overwhelming support for it, there are a few who are filled with hate and/or misunderstanding. People full of hate and negativity want your attention, don’t give it to them. Stay happy!”

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