Michael Brown's American Skin
By Carmel Ferrer, Senior Writer & Editor “41 shots, and we'll take that...
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#MikeBrown: A Case of Institutional Racism
By Destiney Bishop, Public Relations Coordinator “Another Black teen dies at the hands...
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Spread Eagle and Flipped Script
By Gwen McKinney, President and Founder of McKinney & Associates Spread eagle; face...
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McKinney & Associates was founded in 1990 with a commitment to social justice that has endured for nearly 25 years. From the beginning, McKinney delivered Public Relations with a Conscience for local, national and international organizations involved in public policy and social advocacy. The firm has enhanced its practice areas, maturity and strategic services to meet the needs of clients. 
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Here's What Happens to Police Officers Who Shoot Unarmed Black Men bit.ly/1pflCq2
Why did #DarrenWilson shoot the unarmed #MichaelBrown six times? bit.ly/1pf0KyY
Project L/EARN alum explores how mentor/mentee relationship helps black men in education. rwjf.ws/1oAgFZq via @RWJF #RWJFHumanCapital
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder visits #Ferguson: trib.al/S37ng8I pic.twitter.com/9QPN7m1JOt
Sometimes longer content that is higher qualty has a positive relationship to higher search rankings bit.ly/1nb7A3V
PR Times Daily is out! paper.li/McKPR/13838537…