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McKinney & Associates Travels to La La Land to Unveil Living Library, JustUs Voices with Susan Burton, A New Way of Life Re-entry Project

On Mother’s Day weekend, McKinney & Associates kicked off JustUS Voices, a project we’ve been working on for nearly a year. You’ve received updates from us on the progression of this work in our CommPassions newsletter, on our website and on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re proud to share with you today a snapshot of the unveil event in downtown Los Angeles.

A host of impacted women, their families, local policymakers and advocates gathered to learn, interact and get activated by the stories of women impacted by the justice system.

You, too, can participate in the Living Library on the new, interactive JustUS Voices website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With rich videos, testimonies of change and challenge, you can learn and share the stories of women and re-entry.

JustUS Voices Living Library = an innovative engagement through low-tech, high-touch in person encounters via the intimate medium of conversation. Saturday attendees in Los Angeles listen to Romarilyn Ralston’s story of incarceration, re-entry and starting from scratch following a 23-year prison sentence.

Susan Burton (right) is joined by Jeryl Prescott Sales, actress and special guest at the L.A. Hotel Downtown.

JustUS Voices | Storytelling for Changeā„  = a showcase of formerly incarcerated women who have been touched by the criminal justice system featuring.

Tiffany Johnson explains why the day she walked out of prison after 14 years is her second birthday. Read her story.

JustUS Voices: Storytelling for Change = the brainchild of our Founder and President Gwen McKinney (right), and Susan Burton, activist, leader and founder of A New Way of Life (ANWOL) Re-entry Project.

JustUS is a multimedia project that uses video, print media, social media and the power of the first-person voice to inject the voices of women into the national discourse about mass incarceration. Pictured is Ashleigh Carter and her daughter. Learn about her story.

Grad school student, activist and nonprofit founder Lily Gonzalez, shares her re-entry experience. Learn more about her story.

JustUS Voices features authentic storytelling by women who have been touched by, and triumphed over the tragedies of mass incarceration. It captures their lived experiences through video vignettes, guided storytelling, social media, live events and Living Libraries. Visit JustUSVoices.com


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