Fact, Fiction and Fallacy: New eBook Debunks Labor Union Myths
By union activist Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Grape Boycott supporters

Supporters of the United Farm Workers Grape Boycott (1968). Photograph courtesy of Wayne State University. (Below) The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike of 2007 sought increased monetary compensations for Hollywood writers. Entertainment Weekly cover courtesy of Folio Magazine.

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Some people blame the country’s economic demise on labor unions. But could you imagine an America without child labor laws, minimum wages or the 8-hour work day? Author and activist Bill Fletcher Jr., can’t. In his new eBook, Reimagining Labor Unions: Busting Myths, Building Movements, he reminds us that unions still play a vital role in American life—touching everything from health care and economic policy to gender equality and immigrant rights.

“When people ask if unions are bankrupting us, the answer is of course not. Unions did not create the recession. Unions did not create the collapse of Wall Street,” Fletcher writes. “Most people have no sense of unions as an instrument for social justice and social change.”

Hollywood writer's strikeFletcher is a longtime labor, racial justice and international activist. He is the founder of the Black Radical Congress and is a Senior Scholar for the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC. Fletcher began his labor activism as a shipyard welder and later worked for several notable unions including AFL-CIO. He is the co-author (with Fernando Gapasin) of Solidarity Divided (University of California Press). His newest book, "They’re Bankrupting Us!”: And Twenty Other Myths about Unions (Beacon Press) has just been released (August 2012).

The Reimagining Labor Unions eBook is part of the McKinney & Associates Voice Matters: Social Justice series. Past editions are featured on the firm’s blog and cover a range of topics including voting rights, racial stereotypes, civil liberties, and health equity. The eBook series grew out of Voice Matters: An Anthology of Public Relations With A Conscience. The eBooks accommodate compelling voices that showcase and continue the Voice Matters anthology.

McKinney & Associates was established in 1990 with a commitment to social justice that has been sustained for nearly 25 years. From the beginning, McKinney has skillfully practiced public relations with a conscience for local, national and international organizations.

For more on Voice Matters: An Anthology of Public Relations with a Conscience click here.

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