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Green Notes ~ Books on Mother Earth

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To help observe the 48th annual International Earth Day, Team McKinney has surfaced five fantastic green reads  — from the Flint water crisis to immigrant challenges to youth climate activism – that bring the reality of environmental justice and intersectional struggle sharply into focus.
Toxic Communities

Environmental Racism, Industrial Pollution, and Residential Mobility

Dorceta E. Taylor’s landmark study examines the links between zoning ordinances, segregation and exposure to environmental hazards. Taylor’s book  takes on hazardous facilities in poor neighborhoods and communities of color and reveals how they have been dumped on, contaminated and exposed.


Clean and White

A History of Environmental Racism in the United States

Carl Zimring explores the history of the pernicious and corrosive idea that whites are clean and those who are not Caucasian are dirty. From America’s founding to the Memphis Public Workers strike of 1968 to the present, ideas about race and waste have shaped where people lived, worked, struggled and thrived.


Coming Soon~Flint Water Crisis     

The physician who exposed the Flint water crisis, after finding her young patients had alarming levels of lead in their blood, has written a book about the tragedy.  Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha said, “This is not just the story of a Michigan city and its toxic water. This is a personal story of how I, as an Iraqi-American immigrant, came to be a pediatrician in Flint, and it is a story of science, medicine, justice and democracy; of how they all intersect and, ultimately, what we humans owe to each other…” The book is scheduled for an April 2018 release.


Writing the Good Life Mexican American Literature and the Environment

Priscilla Solis Ybarra’s offers a unique take on two of today’s most discussed topics: the worsening environmental crisis and the rising Latino population in the United States. This timely work gives literary-historical context. Ybarra’s preface describes her love of the environment and how her experiences as the daughter of immigrants has shaped her views of nature.



Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a 16-year-old climate activist, hip-hop artist, and powerful new voice on the front lines of a global youth-led movement. He and his group the Earth Guardians believe that today’s youth will play an important role in shaping our future. They know that the choices made right now will have a lasting impact on the world of tomorrow, and people―young and old―are asking themselves what they can do to ensure a positive, just, and sustainable future. We Rise tells these stories and addresses the solutions.



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