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Jane Mayer: Truth Monger

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Jane Mayer

Muckraking. Murder. Mayhem. Shining a light on the dark and nefarious.

Investigative journalist Jane Mayer, traveling the intersection of national security and national politics, owns that job description.

Mayer, a New Yorker staff writer, recently exposed new intrigue in the Christopher Steele dossier that suggests the Kremlin had a hand in selecting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Her published piece is a likely tip sheet for Special Counselor Robert Mueller as he continues to unweave the sordid crimes of Russian collusion in the Trump administration.

Relentless and unnerved, Mayer just keeps digging, unearthing damning exposés. Herself the target of dossiers and smear attempts financed by the billionaire Koch Brothers, Mayer responds, wielding her mighty pen like a sword.

She scored a trifecta during her tenure at The Wall Street Journal: first woman as White House correspondent, senior writer and front page editor. From humble roots, Mayer began at a weekly paper in sleepy Weathersfield, Vermont in the late 1970s.

With the explosion of #MeToo, Mayer was a quarter century ahead of the pack. Joining her colleague Jill Abramson, the pair surfaced the lingering truth that judicial nominee Clarence Thomas lied his way on to the Supreme Court in the compelling 1994 book Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas. It provides all the evidence to support Anita Hill’s charges of sexual harassment.

Relentless in attacking tough stories, Mayer has published three other searing books covering the Iran-Contra Affair, the War on Terror and the critically acclaimed Dark Money – diving into the hidden world of billionaires flooding the radical right with dirty cash.

Some warriors wield armor and weapons, others use megaphones or scalpels, but all Mayer needs is a hunch, a Wi-Fi connection and a keyboard.

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