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Danny Glover Beyond Labor Day

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Photo by Lindsay Keys | IG: @LindsayKeys
Photo by Lindsay Keys | IG: @LindsayKeys


It started as a private conversation with my friend Danny Glover. He had just completed a protracted war in Mississippi working with the United Auto Workers to organize a Nissan plant. As a fitting homage to Labor Day, I soon realized our discourse should enjoy a public stage. A living testament to arts and activism, celebrity is his megaphone. Protagonist of progressive struggle, Danny lives the tradition of his heroes Paul Robeson and Harry Belafonte.

Today we’re gripped in a deep and disconcerting crisis of conscience. The soul of America is tattered and torn. Beyond partisan, racial or geographic divides, the fault lines crack between those who long to Make America Great Again and those who imagine – in the hopeful spirit of one of our favorite poets – to Let America be America Again(Never was America to me).

As we approach Labor Day, Danny Glover pours his passions into our chat about labor, movement and change. Read More…

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