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Team McKinney Welcomes AAM to Our Client Family

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When you see “Made in America,” what do you think of? Is it one of the Big 3 automakers? Is it the shoes on your feet, or the T-shirt on your back?

Now imagine if one day these companies ceased their operations—or worse, outsourced their manufacturing plant jobs overseas. Hundreds to thousands of workers would be unemployed. Family dynamics would be affected. Communities would start to deteriorate. And eventually, so would the cities many of these workers call home.

For several major cities in America, this has become a reality. As jobs from manufacturing have evaporated, so have the financial well-being of communities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Birmingham, Chicago and Pittsburgh, among others. It’s as though we’ve gone from “Made in America” to “UNmade in America.”

That’s why earlier this month we welcomed the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) into our client family.

Recently, AAM brought on board a research fellow named Gerald Taylor. Taylor, a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Georgetown University, authored a research paper describing the plight of Black communities following the catastrophic loss of American manufacturing jobs. It’s a plight that Taylor knows all too well coming from Youngstown, Ohio, a city that once held a proud tradition in the steel and automotive industries. That is, until the fateful day on September 19, 1977, known as “Black Monday,” when Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company ceased operations and left 4,000 workers unemployed.

Taylor discusses the impact “Black Monday,” along with other mass layoffs, has had on Black communities across the country; yet he also discusses solutions of hope for these communities to rebound.

We’re proud to join Gerald Taylor and AAM in telling the tales of cities like Youngstown—and, perhaps, to inspire the next generation of workers to explore careers in STEM fields, which have important influence on the manufacturing sector.

When it’s all said and done, we’re representing AAM to show Americans what it means to be “Unmade in America.”

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