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The Cause, Case, and Call for Action for Blacks in Philanthropy

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An inequitable distribution of philanthropic resources to Black-led social change organizations over the years has hampered and restrained the growth, capacity and impact of these organizations and the communities that they serve.

That concern will be articulated in an impassioned appeal for investments in the infrastructure of Black-led organizations by the Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE). Joining with the Hill-Snowdon Foundation (HSF), ABFE is partnering with a network of funders committed to reversing the under-capacity of Black-led organizations through public advocacy, action and technical assistance to philanthropic organizations including Foundations, charitable organizations and individual donors.

McKinney & Associates is proud to support ABFE and HSF to prepare, package and plead their case.

In order to harness the strengths and capacity essential to fight new battles in the Time of Trump, Black-led social change organizations can lead the way in advancing social equity – not only for their communities – for everyone.

You won’t want to miss this seminal Cause, Case, Call for action.

Stay tuned!


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