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A Long Walk to Freedom

Posted on December 6, 2013 in News

Nelson Mandela passed away December 5 at the age of 95. His never-ending fight for freedom and his willingness to forgive the people who imprisoned him for 27 years helped peacefully end an era of brutal white domination in South Africa and inspired people across the globe. He may be gone, but his legacy will never be forgotten.

The team here at McKinney & Associates had these words to say in honor of Mandela’s death:

“My senior year in college (1990) I led a group of fellow Mount Vernon College women in joining a protest against apartheid at the South African Embassy. If Mandela could give up decades of his life, then we figured we could certainly give up a couple of hours.” – Shannon Mouton, Marketing and Digital Media Director

“Nelson Mandela was unquestionably the towering inspirational figure we celebrate and remember. But one of the most striking things about Mandela was the way ordinary South Africans cherished him as though they knew him intimately like a neighbor or grandfather…Maybe that’s why we all loved him so deeply.” – Llenda Jackson Leslie, Senior Communications Associate

“In a situation that seems contrary to our natural human response, Nelson Mandela’s forgiveness and peace extended toward others was far more powerful than a bullet or sword.” – Nicole Hayes, Communications Associate

“We’ve lost a true hero but will make sure his human rights legacy lives on.” – Hassan Naveed, Junior Communications Associate

“I remember when Mandela was about to be released from prison after 27 years. I remember being so proud at the sight of him walking out of prison so tall and erect, rather than old and broken down as so many people had predicted he would be. To me, Nelson Mandela was the epitome of a strong, Black man.” – Danielle LeFlore, Executive Assistant and Marketing Coordinator

“Individuals like Nelson Mandela inspired me to major in Human Services at George Washington University, a major built upon empathy and commitment to social justice.” – Destiney Bishop, Public Relations Coordinator

“There’s something very inspiring about a man who can go from spending nearly a third of his life in prison to becoming president of his country. We may have lost one of the greatest human beings of our time, but his memory will live on forever.” – Ronald Simms Jr., Communications Associate

And check out this video of our President, Gwen McKinney, as she talks about Mandela's powerful legacy, his impact on South Africa and the world, and her time representing him during his first state visit to the United States as President of South Africa.

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