Call it virtual transition or physical reinvention, but in the words of my Philly homegirl Patti LaBelle, It’s A New Attitude!

creativity 2

From humble beginnings in a church basement, it’s been 28 years of plying my trade as the first Black woman-owned firm in the nation’s capital. Committed to public relations with a conscience, we made our mark. Tenacious. Persistent. Staying the course.

It’s time to boldly break the old mold, color outside the lines and create new spaces and wider parameters for working and living my passions.

I’m swapping our brick and mortar enterprise on K Street for Open Source engagement!

The ROI is flexibility to land where we are needed, when I’m need to be there.

Agile and unburdened from the costly overhead of a traditional operation, I’ll meet you online, in the cloud, digitally, with my team at our co-work spaces in downtown DC or wherever we should connect.

Our talents and aspirations will have breathing space to stretch and reach.

Join us in this enterprise.

I will be honored to partner as we CREATE New Comms Ventures.

Let’s confer about the future together soon!

Highest Regards, 
Gwen McKinney

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