Gwen McKinney

Gwen McKinney has been president of McKinney & Associates since the firm’s launch in November 1990. She has honed, owned and created a consistent and unique brand as the first African American and woman-owned firm in the nation’s capital expressly dedicated to progressive and social justice communications policy.

Over the years Gwen has developed her experiences and exposure into a strategic vision that has benefited leaders of national social justice, public interest and human rights organizations. Today, McKinney’s talents and contribution have expanded beyond bricks and mortar to a 21st Century wall-less, open source communications shop.

Starting out as a reporter with the Philadelphia Tribune, McKinney’s career in journalism included coverage of local and national issues affecting minority and low-income communities.


She was columnist and Capitol Hill correspondent for several journals including the National Newspaper Publishers Association, the guild of Black-owned newspaper publishers. She was also a contributor to Essence, Black Enterprise and other popular magazines. As she moved into communications, her mastery with words has been used for ghost writing commentaries and essays in major elite and national publications.

Gwen’s experience extends to international advocacy. She was active in the anti-apartheid movement, marrying her passion and communications talents into what became McKinney & Associates.