Amplifying the Human Rights Voice

From an early age Nicole Austin-Hillery concedes she was viewed as tall and loud. Her
height assured she was usually noticed, never invisible. And her voice, modulated and
even-pitched for stage, was always heard.
It’s not by accident Austin-Hillery, civil rights litigator and policy advocate, would
become the first Executive Director of U.S. Programs for Human Rights Watch (HRW).
The New York-based organization monitors and exposes abuse in 90 countries across
the globe. Austin-Hillery, who assumed the position in 2018 at the Washington office,
says she’s been training for the job all her life. Drawing from her deepest passion to
defend people who are ignored or abused by systems and society, she gives laser
focus to gender, race and poverty – the trifecta she says is at the root of injustices.
Her achievements as a civil rights litigator and policy advocate, while providing a solid
foundation, culminated in this inaugural position as a U.S. human rights crusader,
helping to promote U.S. justice campaigns on the global stage.
Austin-Hillery has enlisted McKinney Associates as her strategic communications
partner to assist HRW engage broader, wider and deeper among U.S. constituencies
and initiatives.
Team McKinney is honored to assist her in standing tall and sounding her voice for the