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Toni Morrison

Gwen McKinney was joined on WPFW Radio recently by former Essence Book Editor Patrik H. Bass and novelist Diane McKinney-Whetstone who reflected on the passing of Toni Morrison. 

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Suffrage, Race, Power and Possibilities

Labor activists and strategist Gene Bruskin is at work producing a “Musical for the People” expected to debut later this year in Baltimore. He talks about the concept and the theme of The Moment Was Now during an interview with Gwen McKinney who…

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Dreams of Cuba

Located just 90 miles from our shores, Cuba has long held a special place in our cultural imagination. Gwen McKinney explores the legendary meeting of Malcolm X and Fidel Castro with Rosemari Mealy author of Fidel & Malcolm X: Memories of a Meeting.…

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Standing On Solid Ground

The power to control our bodies, our environment and our destiny requires sustained and long-term commitments of leadership, resources and community engagement directed by change agents most equipped to amplify impactful outcomes.

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Amplifying the Human Rights Voice

From an early age Nicole Austin-Hillery concedes she was viewed as tall and loud. Her height assured she was usually noticed, never invisible. And her voice, modulated and even-pitched for stage, was always heard. It’s not by accident…

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