Brand Planning

Crystalizing Your Destiny

Your image. Your reason. Your destiny. It is the ultimate signature proclaiming this is who I am.

McKinney guides branding from VISION to visual; from intentions to tagline. Captivating themes and memorable tags are the obvious outcomes. Our graphic artist is a wizard at matching image, palette and concepts with an all-encompassing look and feel.

But we start with the core — the value, voice and virtue which define your brand identity.

McKinney leads a VISIONing approach (Value, Identity, Strategy, Image, Outcomes, Niche)  that analyzes, dissects, inspects and then synthesizes the probe into a brand plan. It begins with inward-facing assessment and ends with messaging to command your space in the public square.Crystalized language, aspiration and affirmations will inform all content.


A strategic memo, a message primer, a strategic plan, engagement mapping and spokesperson coaching can complement the process.

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