A GPS for Brand Authenticity and Message Delivery

We believe the SWOT analysis has seen better days. For years, McKinney & Associates embraced the classic SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) approach to help our clients plot their institutional path. Over time, we realized that our strategic vision had outstripped the SWOT’s utility. Too narrow. Too basic. One-dimensional. We went on a quest for something that fills gaps, demystifies strategic planning and breathes ownership into the process.

Introducing our VISIONSM Analysis: an innovative tool that crystalizes strategic planning and message development to translate understanding into deployment.

More than a clever acronym, VISION literally and figuratively spells out a brand plan roadmap.

McKinney’s proprietary VISION Analysis compels clients to own the VISION as the underpinning of their core value. It goes beyond the SWOT by probing and surfacing deeper questions and relevant solutions.

Our findings surface the inherent communications challenges that accompany our clients’ work in the social justice arena, while also paving a pathway to accomplishing their goals. Think of it as a GPS for brand authenticity and message clarity.

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How it works

Each VISION Analysis is shaped by the owner’s unique brand.

It begins with a whiteboard. We chronicle words and sensibilities. We peel back layers; question your goals and approach. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you ultimately want to be seen? Who are your competitors? Your allies? Your opponents? What separates you from them on your path to desired outcomes? What drives your voice? Your core values? And why?

A word cloud later, we deliver an analysis, resonant messages, strategies and tactics. Through an iterative process we solicit your feedback and revisions. No magic wand. You build it. You own it. The end product: your voice, your values…your VISION.

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