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Storytelling Through a Racial Justice Lens

Communications is all about stories. Data may garner attention, but stories have lasting power.

Stories transform willing audiences into true believers. They have tone and texture that can reach across cultural divides and build understanding and kinship.

Stories bestow a sense of agency on storytellers. And they help people and communities heal.

When people who were once voiceless see and hear their stories validated in the public space, it’s transformative—not just for those who tell the stories, but for those who hear them.

But how you tell your story is every bit as important as the story itself.

McKinney & Associates deploys the power of storytelling to give policy campaigns a human face.

Beyond static stats and wonkish data, the story imparts possibilities that can challenge and change perceptions.

More than a command of words and the weaving of prose, the content we create has pitch and rhythm.

When you partner with us, we immerse ourselves in your intent to make an impact. Then we collaborate, dissect, translate and shape words into themes and sensibilities that inspire action.

Fresh content informs and uplifts—feature stories, op-eds, blog posts, electronic information kits, speeches, video vignettes, news releases, fact sheets, commentaries and infographics.

In print, on air or onscreen, let McKinney help tell your story.

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