From Prose to Protest

Longtime colleague and cultural activist Kathy Engel has collaborated with Team McKinney through the years on social change and public education campaigns, plying our skills as communicators and storytellers. After courageous Colin Kaepernick took a stand to kneel, Kathy was inspired to pen a poem so titled. 

But what to do with it? Where to take it? How to deploy the transformative power of prose? 

Team McKinney, supported by our associate Mariah McClain, joined with Kathy Engel to salute the historic struggle of Black people against the assault on their bodies; from the football field, to the Olympic stage to the death blows of police confrontations.


 Her soaring verses, deployed by The Root, was set to the timeless video montage, seen to the right, featuring captivating imagery and a stellar cast of noted artist activists.