Black Vote Matters Fund

Fueling Black Political Empowerment

LaTosha Brown and Cliff Albright never doubted Senate hopeful Doug Jones would prevail over Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election (December 2017). That’s because the co-founders of the Black Voters Matter Fund (BVMF), understood the power of Black voters and had painstakingly organized voters in rural communities along the Black Belt. In the eight days leading up to the elections, BVMF moved $200,000 to 38 grassroots organizations, covering everything from door knockers to fuel to ferry folks to the polls.

That was in the early days of BVMF which has made an indelible mark on politics in the South with its tour bus mobilizing and registering folks for the November Midterm Elections.

Looking for ways to build and leverage their capacity across the South in 2018 and beyond, BVMF enlisted McKinney & Associates in early 2017 as a strategic communications partner.

Team McKinney conducted a strategic VISION session as the launch pad for an engagement map tailored to BVMF’s assets and aligned with their strategic goals.  The process looked at capacity, communications and messaging.

McKinney also identified platforms needed to convey and diversify products along with recommendations for content development and repurposing. 

Engagement mapping is our innovative tool to assess the present landscape to pave the path to the future.